DVD モダン・コイン・マジック

商品名 DVD モダン・コイン・マジック
販売価格 4,180円
税別価格 3,800円





Coin Concealments

The Classic Palm

The Edge Palm

The Thumb Palm

The Downs Palm

The Finger Palm

The Front Finger Hold

The Back Palm

The Back Finger Clip

The Back Thumb Palm


Basic Technique

The Bobo Switch

Utility Switch

One-Hand Switch

Shaw-Judah Coin Switch

The Click

Paul Morris Click Pass

The Bottom Steal

Producing a Coin from a

Spectator’s Clothing

Taking Advantage of a Fumbling 1 & 2


Coin Vanishes

Standard Vanish

Simple Vanish

Over the Top

The Tunnel Vanish

Thumb Palm Vanish

The Drop Vanish

The Bobo Coin Vanish

The Slide Vanish

The Illusive Coin Pass

A coin Vanish

The Pinch Vanish


The New Era Coin Go

The Flyaway Coin

Behind the Back

The French Drop (Le Tourniquet)

The Reverse French Drop

The Wrist Watch Vanish

The Pulse Trick

The Cranium Vanish

Vanish with the Aid of a


The “Head” and “Tails” Vanish

A Vanish for Several Coins

A Trio of Vanishes


Bonus Material:

Spellbound (Vernon)

Edge Grip

Curl Palm

Muscle Pass

French Drop Switch

Jimmy Wilson Vanish

Ramsey Subtlety

Kaps Subtlety

Spider Vanish

Tenkai Pinch

Kaps Palm to Palm Switch

Strike Vanish




Complete Coin Vanishes

The Bobo Complete Coin Vanish

Complete Thumb Palm Vanish

Knee-zy Vanish

Sucker Vanish

Pocket Vanish

With a Handkerchief 1-3

In a Spectator’s Pocket 1-3

Bluff Vanish

Sucker Bluff Vanish

The Coin Fold The Envelope Vanish


Quick Tricks

Through the Leg

Rubbed Through the Leg

Through the Pocket 1-3

Through the Hand 1-3

Through a Handkerchief 1-2

Double Penetration

Pants Leg Miracle

Half Dollar to Quarter

The Charmed Coin

The Coin of Metamorphosis

Coin to Key

Change for a Half

Much from Little

Smart Coin Trick

Impromptu Version

The Switchover

The Appearing Half

Coin Production from Two Cards

The Touch of Midas

One to Four

One to Six



Dr. E.M. Roberts Method

Louis Tannens Method


The Art of Sleeving

Delayed Action Sleeving

Improved Method

The “Pumpkin Seed” Vanish

Reverse “Pumpkin Seed” Vanish

The Catapult

Judah Method

A Unique sleeving Move

The Throw

Kort Method

Kirk Stiles Method

A Method of Sleeving one of

Several Coins

Dr. E.M. Roberts’ Method



Tricks Using Sleeving






Dime and Penny for the Wiseacre

A Novel Vanish and Reproduction

Splitting the Atom

Die to Dim




Coins Across

Copper and Silver Transposition

The Curious Nickel

Two Pennies on the Leg

The Inseparable Pair

Coins in the Teeth

The Drop Pass

The Hippity Hop Half

Rapid Transit

Winged Silver

The Flying Eagles

Three and Three

Chinese Money Mystery

Four Coins to a Glass


Coin Classics

Coin Through a Ring

Silver or Copper Extraction

The Expansion of Texture Expanded

TheGadabout Coins

The Three Coin Trick

The Bent Penny

The Ghost of a Coin

Coins Through the Table

Frank Garcia’s Version

Magical Filtrations of Four Half Dollars

The Sympathetic Coins

The Changing Change

The Coin Roll

The Downs Coin Star

Roll Down Flourish with Four Coins

Downs Eureka Pass & Routine

Rattle Box Routine

Thieves and Sheep

Just Pretend

The Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver

Coins and Cards




Coin Boxes

The Okito Coin Box

Coins Through Box and the Hand

Okie Box, Coin and Handkerchief

Routine with an Okito Coin Box and a Silk

Silver to Copper with the Okito Coin Box

George Boston Combination Coin Box

Coins Through Box & Hand

Copper &Silver Transition

The German Coin Box


Shell and Folding Half

The Shell Half

Mystery with a Half Shell

How to Make Money

Three Questions

Coin Through a Glass

Perfected Coin Through Handkerchief

25c and 50c Transposition

The Peregrinating Halves

Coins Through the Table

The Protean Coin

The Sympathetic Coins

The Modern Miser

The Folding Half

The Magic Mint

Biting a Piece from a Coin


The Miser’s Dream

T. Nelson Downs’ Original Version

The Elusive Pass

New Change-Over Palm

Downs’ New “Click” Pass

Downs’ New Fan Pass

The Downs’ Eureka Pass

The “Turnover” with Multiple Coins

The “Miser’s Dream Routine

Perpetual Coins