DVD False Shuffle(フォールスシャッフル)

商品名 DVD False Shuffle(フォールスシャッフル)
販売価格 3,300円
税別価格 3,000円





Quick Overview

Learn False Shuffles With Cards


Imagine picking up a deck of cards and shuffling them without ever changing the order of the cards.


Whether manipulating card order or simply satisfying skeptical audience members, false shuffles are a MUST in performing card effects.


Join Ben Salinas as he introduces a variety of false shuffles.

Watch and learn the most useful and most practical shuffles to use under any circumstance.


These shuffles are the best of the best!




Zarrow Shuffle

Greek Shuffle

Underhanded Overhand Shuffle

False Faro Shuffle

Off the Table False Riffle Shuffle

Showoff Shuffle

False Hindu Shuffle

Red Black False Shuffle

Austrian Toss Shuffle

False Haymow Shuffle

Push Thru False Shuffle

Sloppy False Shuffle

Overhand False Shuffle Retaining Top

Overhand False Shuffle Retaining Bottom

Hindu Shuffle Retaining Bottom

PLUS many more excellent and highly useful tips!