DVD アワード・ウィニング・カード・ルティーン

商品名 DVD アワード・ウィニング・カード・ルティーン
販売価格 5,500円
税別価格 5,000円



・受賞演技 ・受賞演技にあわせてのコメント


・カードの扱い方 ・テクニックの練習


※英語版です   ※輸入品


In this hot new DVD, Tony will give you a detailed step by step private lesson that teaches you his award winning card routine. This routine has been in Tony's act for many years winning him:World Class Stage Champion - Society of American Magicians, The Bill Baird Award - for excellence in manipulation, Milbourne Christopher Award, Nominated Best Sleight of Hand Artist - World Magic Awards, Nominated by the Magic Castle for Best Stage Magician, Winner of the Best Classical Magic Act - World Magic Awards , and Magician of the year by the International Magician's society.


You will learn...


Vanishing Cane

Snake Fan

Perfect Production

Diminishing Cards

Split Fans

Single Card Productions

Self Closing Fan

Four Ace Vanish

Four Ace Finale

Perpertual Fans

Pop Production

Appearing Cane