コレクターズカードアルバム byTCC

商品名 コレクターズカードアルバム byTCC
販売価格 4,400円
税別価格 4,000円









Many of us have our favorite playing cards located in different places, difficult to find in a hurry. In drawers, boxes, you name it. Wouldn't it be great if we could keep them all together, on display? This way, we'd know where they are, they'd be displayed so we could see them, and most of all, they would be protected.


The new Collectors Card Album by TCC is a perfect solution. Place 180 cards in individual see-through pockets, and you'll be able to see both sides of each card. Or, place 360 cards in the pockets, and you'll be able to see one side of each card. It's up to you and your personal needs!

Protect your favorite single cards individually.

Album design concept, showing a comprehensive display of your cards

Two ways of collecting. Display a collection of 180 CARDS, seeing both sides of each card. Or, display a collection of 360 CARDS, seeing one side of each card.

Simple design, elegant, and perfect to enhance your collection.