商品名 サイバーパンクデック(紫)
販売価格 1,980円
税別価格 1,800円










Cyberpunk Playing Cards is a deck of cards that is both functional and beautiful. It is hand-illustrated, printed on the highest quality 310 gsm card stock, and perfect for family games night, poker with the guys, or to give as a great gift.

It is designed for the games enthusiast, the casual gamer, the collector and the cardist to be a staple go-to deck in any situation.

The Cyberpunk theme combines Machine bionics with biology to produce a dystopian enhanced humanity, vividly portrayed with intricate embossed foil, bright popping colors and superb handling.

There are 4 decks in the Cyberpunk Series: Gold, Green, Purple and Red:

Intricate foil and embossing to box exterior

Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with subtle background design.

Matt-finish tuck box with subtle details that are hidden in darkness but pop in the light.

Unique themed suits in the Cyberpunk style.

Printed by WJPC on 310 gsm linen German Black core card stock